Swiss flag Swiss Certified Cleaning for Technology Spaces

Our cleaning protocols are designed to meet and exceed industry standards, ensuring your critical IT infrastructure operates in an environment that’s not only clean but also compliant with the highest hygiene certifications.

IT Equipment


Ceiling/Ceiling Void

Using the right tools...

Cleanroom Vacuum

Ionized air gun for cleaning sensitive electronic and optical components.

VersaTile™ wall and ceiling cleaning system.

Swiss flag With Swiss Hygiene Certificate...

Our cleaning services are certified according to the following hygiene standards:

  • Airborne Particles: ISO 14644-1

  • Surface Particle Contamination: ISO 14644-9

  • Water Soluable Surface Contamination: ISO 8502-6

After cleaning, Technology Care GmbH, based in Switzerland, issues hygiene certificates that are pivotal for maintaining equipment integrity and personal safety. Hygiene certificates have proven invaluable in mitigating the risk of legal action and ensuring that equipment warranties and insurance policies remain in force.

To learn more about the environmental requirements for technology spaces please see ASHRAE Gaseous and Particulate Contamination Guidelines For Data Centers.


For over 30 years, many of the world’s largest corporations have relied on our services to ensure that their data center environments consistently meet required standards. Technology Care LLC has partnered with companies worldwide to provide iONCLEAN™ services across the globe. Please contact us to find an authorized iONCLEAN™ associate near you.

Head Office:
Technology Care GmbH
Birmensdorferstrasse 467
8055 Zurich
Tel. + 41 44 450 85 60

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